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AIR FRAME SERVICES of N.T. LLC.  is an "airframe inspections" Learjet maintenance service company. The general manager and owner will be the representative for your Part 91 or 135 aircraft. His most recent 11 years has been devoted almost totally to Learjet airframe inspections. During this time 36 (Part 91 and 135) aircraft have been completed with 12,000 hour, 12 year, or 6000 landing inspections, or a combination of inspections. Each arriving aircraft becomes a special project with the business owner.
was started by a previous employee, Ben Sly, of Airframe Service Inc., Addison, Texas, that was closed in March of 2015.
Ben purchased all equipment and tooling from Carter Hart, previous owner of Airframe Service Inc., and has contracted him to consult to the company.




in one kind of aircraft (20, 31, 35, 55 and 60 series Learjets), and one level of  maintenance, major inspections, for maximum efficiency. That adds up to minimum down time and minimum costs. The company is a preferred major maintenance service for:
  • Private owners / operators / mechanics who want qualified, experienced, personalized service of a small shop during a major inspection

  • Part 135 operators who want a shop to work with their company's maintenance and parts department, and do not want to disrupt the daily maintenance operations and flight line work with a major inspection

  • Owners / operators who want to work directly with the manager and crew leader start to finish

operations procedures and service benefits are aimed at providing customers the best flexibility and convenience that can be provided anywhere. These customer friendly features include:
  • Is located at convenient North Texas Regional Airport (KGYI), north of Dallas, Texas, in an ample 26,000 square foot maintenance hangar at the Approach end of Runway 17L (Alert Hangar).

  • Maintains personnel on FAR 135 drug screening program

  • Will comply with owner/operator Approved Aircraft Inspection Program

  • Maintains, tracks and complies with routine inspections and maintenance for its Part 91 and 135 customer base across the United States

  • Engine work, other than routine, desired by the aircraft operator during the time of the major airframe inspection can be scheduled by the operator, at a facility of their choice, with shipping available from Air Frame Services

  • Avionics existing in the aircraft can be repaired as needed during the major airframe inspection, installations can be completed, and major avionics installations can be coordinated by the operator at a facility of their choice

  • During inspections being conducted by Air Frame Services, aircraft can be modified by other companies at Air Frame Services facilities upon scheduling and request

 inspection prices are special for each customer and each situation of each aircraft.
  • Major inspections are quoted individually. The prices of additional inspections, chapter 5 time change and overhaul items, and incoming discrepancies need to be included as additional line items in the initial bid.
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